Sartorius Scales & Balances

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Customers throughout Western and Upstate New York rely on us at Rochester Scale Works for all types of weighing systems, from rugged, heavy duty applications to the most delicate and precise models. To bring our clients the full range of precision scales we work with top manufacturers such as Sartorius. With a long history of scientific and industrial advances, Sartorius is one of the foremost providers of precision measuring equipment in the world. We offer Sartorius’ range of laboratory balances for professional weighing, well-known throughout the industry for their speed, accuracy, and uncompromising quality. Many different brands and models are available to fulfill our customers’ needs for analytical, precision, micro, and ultramicro weighing. Laboratory scales are available that are used in global pharmaceutical labs with the most stringent industrial standards. Many models also employ the latest technology, including touchscreen user interfaces that make them highly efficient and easy to work with.

Many other precision Sartorius scale products are also available. To learn about these and the many other products available to customers throughout Upstate & Western New York, Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Binghamton, Corning, and Jamestown, please contact us directly.