A & D Weighing Products

A & D Weighing Manufacturer

We are one of the oldest independent scale companies in the country at Rochester Scale Works, and we partner with quality manufacturers that our customers can trust. For example, we distribute high quality products from A&D Weighing. In business since 1977, A&D offers technology-driven tools for precision measurement instruments of all kinds, including a full array of bench, business, checkweighing, compact, and counting scales. A&D’s bench scales are available with many different features, including fully sealed weighing sensors for washdown environments. These scales are highly accurate and have fast response times, and are frequently employed in shipping, packing, pharmaceutical, and other similar applications. Business Scales from A&D are durable, provide the latest technology, and are ideal for warehouses, small businesses, home use, and other settings. A number of different check weighing scales are available as well, many with features that include large comparator lights, stainless steel washdown safe construction, high resolution platform scales, and much more.

If you’re located in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Corning, Jamestown, or the general Western and Upstate New York areas, please contact us directly.